About Convermax

Dedicated to Improving the eCommerce Site Search Experience

At Convermax we’re committed to improving the search experience for eCommerce website visitors, and increasing sales conversions for site owners.

The spot-on search returns delivered by the Convermax Search & Sell engine, combined with merchandising options adds to your eCommerce site’s return on investment.

An intuitive eCommerce site search product, Convermax offers capabilities well beyond the standard site search built into most e-Commerce platforms. Its full-featured capabilities let your online shoppers easily frame their shopping experience to find what they want to buy. View a quick tour of Convermax now.

Creative Approach

We consistently look to ways to improve the eCommerce site search experience. This led to the development of Colormax, our optional component that integrates enhanced visual color search capabilities with textual processing. Colormax also allows a shopper to upload a sample image and highlight specific colors and color proportions in the sample to be searched. By leveraging an advanced color refinement process, improving the site search experience for shoppers we deliver a totally unique experience to online shoppers. View a demo of Colormax now.

Highly Skilled

Our technical staff is deeply versed in search technologies, and knows how to take complex search criteria and deliver relevant results. They honed their skills handling enterprise search implementations for clients around the globe, and are able to handle complex data sets and deliver relevant results quickly and in user-friendly formats.

Now we focus on eCommerce site needs, to help ensure that eCommerce sites deliver results with a user site search experience that is without equal.