Color Search App

Let your customers search by one or more colors selected. Works especially well for rugs, fabrics and wall coverings. 

  • Customers can pick up to five colors to search for
  • Color search works perfectly well with regular text search and filters
  • Color engine understands more than 360 color names
  • Product images are analyzed automatically
  • Customers can also upload a photo to find products that match selection

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How It Works

Step 1.


Dominant colors with weights are extracted from images. As part of the analysis our engine performs automatic background detection and removal. The end results may look like this:

  "Color": "8EBD65",
  "Name": "pistachio",
  "Weight": 12.0
  "Color": "BBD4E1",
  "Name": "soft blue",
  "Weight": 29.0
  "Color": "EDF0EA",
  "Name": "white smoke",
  "Weight": 59.0

Step 2.


Extracted color information alongside with other attributes is indexed by the search engine.

Step 3.


End user submit a search request. Our Search plugin parses the search query and returns matching images. It understands more than 350 color names as well as RGB codes.

Our Ranking plugin computes a color search score that can be used directly or in combination with other factors to sort the results. 

Extra Features

  • Color pallete and layout can be optimized to match color distribution in a specific data set.
  • End user can upload a file to find images similar to the sample provided.
  • Color search can be combined with regular full-text search to deliver the best of two worlds.


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