Why Visual Search important?

  • 50% of customers prefer visual information about the product.

  • It helps to find products that are difficult to describe in words.

  • It’s more comfortable to use on mobile.

  • It feels like magic.

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AI-powered Visual Search uses real-world images (screenshots, Internet images, or photographs), understands the content and context of them and return a list of related results for a customer.

How does it works?

  1. User uploads a picture.

  2. Platform recognize what the image is and determine what searcher want.

  3. The most relevant result delivered to the customer.

When it comes to Visual Search customers have different intentions:

  • They are open to ideas and upload pictures with the random print they like. Search will show them a various product with a similar print.

  • They are looking for a particular style and upload a photo of fashion influencer. Search will provide them with clothes to complete the look.

  • They are searching for a specific type of product, like white sneakers. So, they will be shown a variety of sneakers models in this color.

  • They are ready to buy and upload a picture of white Nike Air Max 97. And if they presented in the store, they will appear first in the search results.

The main point – Visual Search can satisfy them all.