Our Products

Our flagship product Convermax is a full-featured, comprehensive eCommerce search engine. Its intuitive and easy to use interface lets customers use multi-dimensional search to find what they want quickly. Full featured, it will increase your conversions, customer satisfaction, and word of mouth referrals. Learn more about Convermax Site Search.

You put a lot of time, effort, and investment in driving shoppers to your website. When you have hundreds or thousands of items for sale often with multiple options and characteristics, you want the shopper to find what they need fast—and so does the shopper.

A site visitor can’t buy what they can’t find, and most turn toward site search for help. In today's highly competitive eCommerce market, you need to quickly satisfy and convert online shoppers. Satisfy the shopper with simple to use search that delivers faster, more relevant results to satisfy their needs.

Elevate Shoppers’ Color Choice to a New Level

Colormax is an available option that provides advanced functionality to improve color selection for your shoppers. It’s the perfect assist for those eCommerce sites where color is often a key factor for its shoppers. The unique ability of Colormax to help match specific color combinations with products converts shoppers quickly. Turn shoppers into buyers with this fun and easy-to-use feature that really delivers the best matches for them. Learn more about Colormax.

Whether your shoppers are consumers interested in finding the best option for their needs, or are complex B2B buyers, your site search should deliver an unparalleled search experience. If it does not, you are losing customers and sales that should be yours.

Turn to Convermax to deliver what you need.