Colormax is a color search option for Convermax eCommerce site search that offers powerful and unique color search functionality that gives your shoppers more control of the color selection process.

The Colormax option will make a tremendous difference in your sales conversions and customer satisfaction. We've developed a way to add advanced and specific color match to your site’s search, including custom color matches.

Leverage the Power of the Convermax Search & Sell Engine

Visual color match can also be expanded to add textual search components, so the possibilities for increasing search relevancy by color increases dramatically. With Colormax, you get the power of the Convermax Search & Sell engine applied to color searching. This results in faster returns and higher sales conversions as well as improved customer satisfaction.

  • Advanced visual color match
  • Shopper control of each color’s density
  • Guided search makes it simple to use
  • Multiple combinations can be tried
  • Integration of color matching with textual search
  • Custom image upload color match

Let the Colormax Photo Upload Give Your Shoppers the Best Match

Colormax offers the unique option with the Colormax Photo Upload. This feature let’s a shopper upload an item photo to match or complement its colors with your products. For example, if a shopper has a print blouse and wants a specific color skirt or slacks, they can upload a photo of the blouse and choose which colors they prefer to match. Imagine a shopper’s delight when they find the perfect item to use with something they already own.

Shoppers can also adjust the color selection on the fly, and see what changes it brings to the selections. It’s an amazing and addictive part of the shopping experience.

What woman wouldn’t want an accessory that matches a garment they love or find shoes to match a great handbag or located just the perfect scarf or jewelry? Or the decorator who needs a perfect fabric and pattern complement for a client? The possibilities are endless.

Delight and convert your shoppers with color-specific needs when you implement Colormax.