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Convermax is a full-featured , comprehensive eCommerce search engine designed for eCommerce websites. The Convermax Search & Sell search engine is designed to help you quickly and easily convert shoppers into buyers.

An intuitive search tool, Convermax is simple to use. It guides the shopper to identify the proper search parameters that will return the most relevant results they need to generate increased sales conversions.

You put a lot of time, effort, and investment in driving shoppers to your website. Convermax Search & Sell helps you make the most of each site visitor.

Don’t Lose Sales To Your Competition

eCommerce is a rapidly growing, complex, and highly competitive industry. You need a competitive edge. You want the shopper to find what they want fast—and so does the shopper.

A site visitor can’t buy what they can’t find, and most shoppers turn to site search for help. Shoppers have been “Google-ized” and expect to get relevant results easily. Finding exactly what they need quickly is a critical component of the buying process. Poor search returns will drive them to your competition. View a Short Tour Now!

Guide Shoppers With Convermax Search & Sell

Whether they know exactly what they want, or are browsing with an “I’ll know it when I see it” mindset, today’s online shoppers demand great search. Ensure they don’t have a reason to leave your site when they are looking to buy. Implement Convermax site search and wow them with our Convermax Search & Sell technology. Satisfy the shopper with simple to use search that delivers faster, more relevant results to satisfy their needs.

Convermax Search & Sell leverages advanced search box functionality that seamlessly helps your site visitors find what they need. The easy to understand Refinement Panel puts the customer in charge of their search—they decide what’s important to them.

Enter A New Age In Color Search

Colormax is an advanced option that provides a fun yet sophisticated way to improve the color selection process for your shoppers. This product is the perfect assist for those eCommerce sites that offer lots of colors and patterns in multiple combinations. Turn shoppers into buyers with this easy-to-use feature that really delivers the best matches for them. Learn more about Colormax .

Great site search enhances the user experience. The more satisfaction your customer has with their site visit, the more likely they are to buy. Convermax allows you to offer multiple search options to help the shopper select the product characteristics they want. Whether your shoppers are consumers interested in finding the best option for their needs, or are complex B2B buyers, your site search should deliver an unparalleled search experience. If it does not, you are losing customer conversions that should be yours.

Technically Sophisticated, Easy On Your Technical Resources

If you have multiple branded shops on your servers, you can leverage the power of Convermax to serve them all, which keeps your costs in line while you deliver an outstanding shopping experience.

Convermax improves your bottom line sales, but not at the expense of your technical staff. Its flexibility and easy to learn and use toolset makes integration into your technical environment manageable.

Great For Any eCommerce Site

Convermax is able to integrate with any eCommerce platform , including proprietary in-house versions. Our team of search experts has spent years working in complex Enterprise search applications, and understands what separates good search from great search. The unique algorithm sifts through available data to deliver what your shopper wants.

Currently we have versions available for several commercial platforms including Magento, 3DCart, and PrestaShop to name a few. Others are now in the works, with priority given to existing and new client needs.

Turn to Convermax to deliver what you need.