Convermax with its Search & Sell Technology is not your typical eCommerce search engine. It delivers results — fast. Your website shoppers are looking for something, and you want to convert the sale with the best match for the customer. With our Search & Sell technology, you can be sure they find the most relevant selections, and any products you want to feature along with those.

Using its proprietary relevancy scoring method as a key part of the Search & Sell technology enables Convermax to deliver great results quickly. Search & Sell offers a host of features to help your website drive sales and create satisfied customers.

Here are just a few of the Convermax features:

Incredible Text Processing Search & Sell Engine:

  • Auto-Complete
  • Rich Auto-Complete
  • Relevance ranking
  • Automatic Spelling Corrections
  • Intelligent Query Parsing
  • Product suggestions based on search query
  • Drive visitors to a specific Landing page as appropriate (Brand specific, category specific, etc.)
  • Optional Keyword Specific Banner Ads

Refinement Panel

  • Guided search provides multiple filtering options, yielding more relevant results
  • Customize in what order attributes are displayed
  • Configure the most Relevant Facets to be displayed
  • Dynamic Breadcrumb Trail
  • Collapse or Expand Facets to reduce page clutter
  • Displays the number of products for each attribute

Color Matching Options

  • ColorMax gives your shoppers multiple ways to search for color choices
  • ColorMax Match option allows shoppers to upload a photo and match specific colors
  • Textual and color marriage combination allows combined searches

Shopper’s Way Provides A Logical Results Page

Your site visitors control their display preferences, so they see things in the most important order.

  • Filter Results (brand, price, popularity, manufacturer, etc.)
  • Number of Products displayed
  • Boost Products - Merchant can choose which products come first
  • View As: Grid vs Line Layout

Product Description Page

This page can help you drive additional sales, increasing your dollar volume per order.

  • Cross-Sell related items the shopper may not know about
  • Up-Sell Products
  • Show different brands with similar features

Reporting and Analytics Dashboard

  • Most Popular Searches in your store
  • Track where shoppers go
  • Easy-Add Synonyms
  • Site Mapping - change where common searches are "bouncing" to direct the shopper to a more relevant Product or Category
  • Customized reports also available

Flexible Installation

  • Software interfaces with your eCommerce platform and database, working seamlessly
  • Integrated API indexing
  • Hosted in the cloud or downloaded and installed locally, whichever works best for your business
  • Simple to learn toolset

Delivering good information keeps site visitors shopping, and increases sales conversions with accurate results. A great shopping experience on your website will keep shoppers returning again and again. Ensure your search is a key ingredient in the sales process.