By joining forces as a partner, different technologies make eCommerce stores function properly. Many of these purpose-specific technologies require a highly advanced skill set to create, yet can be easily integrated with existing platforms.

Convermax offers a highly advanced eCommerce site search that it can integrate with any platform. Many platform providers offer specific partner programs, and Convermax is joining forces with them to meet their demand for a highly advance eCommerce site search that works with the specific requirements of their platforms.

Currently we have active partner agreements with the following platform providers :

Demand for these integrations is high, and we give the highest priority to our customers. If your platform currently doesn’t offer Convermax to support advanced eCommerce site search, contact us today about joining your partner program.

In addition to platform providers, Convermax also partners with other eCommerce services providers such as web designers, web developers, and niche technical services providers who can solve complex eCommerce problems.

These partnerships all extend our capabilities to provide the best eCommerce site search experience for online stores.

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