Get the best Magento ecommerce search solutions and improve your ecommerce Magento sites search easily. Community Edition eCommerce Magento platform users now have an advanced capability ecommerce Site Search available with the Convermax plug-in. The simple-to-use and affordable Convermax site search product offers Magento users the ability to upgrade their Magento search module to increase sales conversions and overall sales.

The basic Magento Community platform offers only basic ecommerce search, which does not serve the needs of most eCommerce companies. Nor does it offer website shoppers the features and results they are looking for when they use Magento eCommerce site search.

Full-Featured Magento Site Search

Convermax ecommerce site search is a sophisticated advanced search product and its Magento plug-in offers all the features and benefits of Convermax site search. And, Convermax is affordable for all sizes of e-tailers. Designed to serve the needs of eCommerce websites offering as few as 100 SKUs to clients with millions, it’s priced to fit your needs.

Poor ecommerce search returns cost you customers. Let’s face it, the average internet user has been “Google-ized” and expects fast, relevant search returns. When they don’t find quality ecommerce search returns on your Magento website, shoppers usually will abandon your site for another.

The Convermax site search Magento plug-in offers all its normal features. Whether it’s a product you want to move quickly or related items to increase your average order size, Convermax gives you the advanced flexibility you need. You get increased sales and the customer gets a great shopping experience.

Color and Textual Match Option

An option unique to Convermax addon, our color and textual matching system allows your shoppers to select the colors they want. They can even upload a photo swatch and have the ability to match the colors in the swatch to the specific products on your Magento site.

Regardless what your shopper wants, if color is a key component of their purchase, our color and textual match capability elevates your site well above the competition. Read our client case study about this option.

Get a Demonstration

See for yourself the power of Convermax. Request a demo today! And, when you have a Convermax product demo, we’ll give you a special gift just for spending time with us.