Boost your conversions with a smart on-site search!

Statistically, 31% of all product finding tasks ended in vain when users tried using search, which means 1/3 of potential customers not finding want they want and leaving e-commerce website. Providing that conversion rates through site search can be up to 50% higher than the average, intelligent on-site search is a hidden gem of conversion optimization.

What our site search tool can?

Advanced filters

Website visitors can apply any type of facet they ever encountered: color swatches, checkboxes, price ranges, sliders, stars, hierarchy tree, etc.

Predictive Autocomplete

Search not only suggests items but also corrects misspelling, remembers the number of last searches the visitor made, provide recommendations across multiple departments or product categories.

Understands Natural Language Search

Search knows that a visitor who types in 'red jumper' is happy to look at sweaters and pullovers, even though his query only contained the term 'jumper'.

Merchandising Tools: Product Recommendations, Promotions, Redirects

Our search engine solution analyzes browsing and buying behavior of every website visitor to tailor the enhanced user experience, by recommending the most relevant products across your site in real-time, and boosting goods (e.g. during clearance or new arrivals).

Mobile Optimized

With navigation optimized for the mobile and the rapid predictive capabilities, the search will be convenient for customers on any mobile platform.


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