Recommendation Engine

The Convermax culture allows our technologists to creatively reach and work on products that they want to have available for an eCommerce experience.

Our new Recommendation Engine is one such product addition their determination and skill has made into a reality.

What is the Recommendation Engine?

This revolutionary enhancement allows Convermax site search to scour its virtual memory banks for specific users’ history on your eCommerce site, putting your eCommerce website at the forefront of innovation. Then the Recommendation Engine presents products for the shopper based on their specific history—even if they’ve forgotten.

Make it easy.

Based on highly progressive machine learning research, our technology lets you employ product attributes unique to your eCommerce store to position your merchandise in front of receptive shoppers.

Our fast, connected society delivers too many distractions in a day, and online shoppers are not immune. Help them choose by delivering the right product recommendations at the right time.