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What shortfalls do most native platform search functions have?

  • A typical eCommerce platform has to operate many things in concert, so the key functions in the shopping cart and checkout process will take priority. Site Search will not be feature-rich, and is subject to how the user approaches the search. Unlike the Convermax Search & Sell search engine, it also will not offer a great search box experience that will increase sales conversions.
  • Typically search box functionality is extremely basic. Often it only allows the search engine to search the limited words that describe the product.

How Does Convermax overcome the limitations of the limited native platform search engine?

  • Convermax has a multitude of features that combine to deliver outstanding search results to your shoppers. It starts with the Convermax Search & Sell engine, which searches the entire product description page, not just the product name.
  • By delivering fast, relevant results easily, you convert sales more quickly. Your eCommerce shoppers find what they are looking for quickly.

What are some of the features the Convermax Search & Sell engine delivers?

What’s the difference between a Facet and an Attribute?

  • Attributes are the broader categories that distinguish the types of merchandise you offer. For example, Footwear could be categorized by Sandals, Shoes, Boots, Athletic Shoes, etc.
  • Facets are the distinguishing features within each attribute that will quickly and dynamically narrow down a large number of choices to a manageable list. These could be brand, price range, gender, sizes, style, purpose, color and so on, whatever is most important to your shoppers.

In your webinar, I noticed you demonstrated selecting facets within a certain Attribute. Does Convermax allow you to say select multiple facets within a certain Attribute?

  • Yes your customers can select as many or as few facets as they want to search.

If a shopper searches for a specific brand of a product, can I also include a different brand in search results in case they were unaware of the product?

  • Yes, this is one of the ways you can tweak the search results to ensure the shopper gets a full picture of what you offer. We also offer a number of other Merchandising options you can use to create add-on sales and even upsell a shopper.

Does Convermax help with content search on my site or just finding products?

  • As long as your data and advance work is properly prepared as we go through the setup process, your content can be structured to show in search returns. Depending on the content types, there may be presentation options available for the Merchant to choose.

Do you have information I can download that outlines the Convermax product features?

My current search allows me to create facets by colors. How does your ColormaxTM product differ?

  • Colormax is a very unique and sophisticated color search engine that offers distinct advantages when color is a key component of a search. It delivers a knockout double-punch of letting shoppers combine color and text into a search. Visit our Colormax page for more information.
  • The shopper then controls by use of an intuitive slider, the ability to choose which of 5 colors they want to emphasize. By using the sliders, the shopper can tweak the percentage of any color so they can focus on the colors most important to this task.

What is the Colormax photo upload ?

  • Another exciting and unique component of Colormax is that it allows the shopper to upload an actual photo of something they wish to match or accessorize. For example, if a shopper has a uniquely patterned rug they prize, they can upload a photo of the rug and choose the colors they love best as they search for other items to fit in the room.
  • Alternatively, if a shopper has a print garment and they are looking for items to complete an ensemble such as jewelry, shoes, jackets, sweaters, scarves, ties or any other related accessories, they can do a search based on an actual photo of the garment to create a truly well-matched ensemble.
  • Learn more about Colormax photo upload.

How many websites are currently running the Convermax software?

  • Over 300 and counting. Some include thousands of SKUs, while others are smaller.

How often does Convermax Re-Index my products?

  • This is based on each Merchant’s needs, and discussed as part of the onboarding process. It can be changed if needed.

Do you charge for customer support?

  • Our Support charges vary based on individual Merchant options and volume of the eCommerce store, and the level of service desired.

What do you need on my end to get things started?

  • We start with a signed agreement, and access to your data feed. Typically, we are granted access your merchant platform dashboard in order to obtain a copy of the Merchant’s data feed in order to index from it.
  • After an initial integration, it’s turned over to our Project Management team for scheduling.
  • We’ll work with you so your team is clear on what decisions they need to be ready to make, both during the setup and moving forward. As the eCommerce Merchant, you and your key employees understand your merchandise and the factors that are important in your specific market niche.

How do I know if my data is formatted correctly?

  • When you go through the onboard process as a new customer, we provide a list of requirements for data formatting. In most instances, this is not extremely complex and your technical team can usually handle it. Occasionally we do encounter some clients whose incoming feeds from vendors do not easily translate into your requirements. We have partners we will recommend who help get that data scrubbed and properly ready for full integration.

How is your billing set up monthly or quarterly?

  • We bill monthly or quarterly, whichever is more convenient.

What determines the number of Facets & Attributes that are available to a shopper?

  • Subject to any limitations set by your eCommerce platform, you, as the merchant have a lot of control in this process.. Convermax allows you to utilize your knowledge of your specific market to decide. You get to leverage the expertise you have from customer interactions.
  • Attributes are automatically generated from your data feed. Once we have the site in a full testing environment we can tweak which attributes make the most sense for the different products sold.

There are many eCommerce platforms in use. Will mine work with Convermax?

  • Convermax is platform agnostic, and integrates with any platform including proprietary and on-premise installations. The only issue might be a bit more time to full integration, as we have to work with each platform provider to ensure we have access to the correct code so that Convermax will work seamlessly.

I know everyone talks about “cloud” applications, but we have our technology in-house. Can you work with us?

  • Yes, we offer both Saas (cloud based) and on-premise installation, which not every Search vendor offers, as it takes highly technical expertise for proper integration.

Does Convermax integrate with the Magento platform?

  • Yes do have integration with Magento to offer your shoppers a superior site search experience on the platform. You can find more information on this plug-in here.

Will Convermax work with a proprietary, or in-house platform?

  • Convermax does integrate with in-house platforms and can be downloaded to integrate with any on-premise installations. Our Search engineers have significant experience with Enterprise search systems, and understand the needs of a more complex integration, which is a typical hallmark of an in-house platform. We’ll work with your in-house technical staff to ensure the search platform works properly.

Does Convermax have a 3DCart integration?

  • Yes, there is 3D Cart integration, so your eCommerce store on that platform can have all the Convermax features and functionality for your shoppers.

Is there a PrestaShop module for Convermax?

  • Convermax is a PrestaShop partner, and our module is under PrestaShop’s formal review process. It should be available shortly.

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