Convermax Update: Product Variant in Shopify

Convermax team has built a new feature for the Shopify platform. Now Convermax search supports product variations, that allow to combine and filter products in a more convenient way. Learn how it works and how it will help your shoppers.

Product variation refers to a little difference (in size, color, shape, etc.) of a single product type. For example, a rug is available in various sizes and shapes. Every size-shape combination has a fixed price. Advanced site search shows in the result page only those product variants, that match selected options.

Before adding a new feature, site search worked like this:

old runner.gif

Customer selects color, limits search results by price "under $150", and then decides to add shape attribute. Site search still shows all products, which have variants with a cost of less than $150. Even though the combination "multi-colored runner" for some products is pricier. So, when the customer opens a product page, he finds out that runner costs much more and $79 is a price for only a rectangular version. The user is disappointed and stops his shopping journey.

Now site search provides a more satisfying user experience. As you can see in the picture below, search results are relevant and match with all color-shape-price attributes.

new runner.gif

Here is another case. A customer is browsing a store to find a new rug for his living room. He chooses filters "yellow", "contemporary style" and the search results change accordingly. But then he or she decides that wants it in a round shape, add another filter, but product images stay the same. The user should check every product page manually to find out how any print will look like on a round shape. It’s frustrating and increases the chances he or she will leave the website.

old shape.gif

And here what happens, when site search supports new product variations feature. By default, site search shows the image of a variant selected to be displayed in search results. When the user adds all needed filters, results return differently. He or she can immediately see the chosen color and print on a selected rug shape.

new shape.gif