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  • Our unique ColorMax system gives customers a better way to manage color and pattern selections

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Convermax improves your conversion rate!

We appreciate your trust in us. At Convermax here we decided that we don't want to force you remember yet another login and password. So we integrated Google Accounts authentication into our admin dashboard.

At the next step you will be asked to Sign-in into Google, after that you will be redirected back to our site to complete the registration.

No credit card is required to start using our site search engine.

Please, let us know if you would like to use another Sign-in service like Facebook, LinkedIn or GitHub.

Convermax Features

Convermax is a full-featured, comprehensive eCommerce search engine designed for eCommerce websites.


    Incredible Text Processing Engine

    The high-octane engine understands what shoppers want, and delivers it in many ways, including rich auto-complete, relevance ranking, auromatic spelling corrections, query-based product suggestions and more, eliminating 'No Results' pages.


    Refinement Panel

    Guided search provides multiple filtering options, yielding more relevant results. Shoppers get dynamic filtering, collapsible/expandeble attributes and more-all designed to save them time and convert sales.


    Colormax Color Options

    Colormax offers powerful and unique color search functionality that gives your shoppers more control of the color selection process. We've developed a way to add advanced and specific color match to your site's search, including photo upload matching.


    Analytics & Reporting

    Merchants can get useful data that offers improtant decision making information. Use it for merchandising, sales, product descriptions and more. The more you understand your shoppers the more sales you can convert.

Clients Feedback

  • "When users comment on the ease of use of our site, specifically regarding our search engine, we hear things like:

    — Wow! Unbelievable! You have no idea how much easier you've made my job! 

    Looking at competitors' ecommerce web sites, their software search engines are like picks and shovels compared to our bulldozers and backhoes. The results show in our increased sales and conversions. We could not be more pleased with the success of the Convermax ecommerce site search engine."

    Bill Kelly, CIO, Duralee
  • "We've worked together on projects for a few years now, and I could not ask for a better partner and trusted advisor.

    They are enterprise search masters. Not only that, but the company has a high moral and ethical character that truly stands out from the rest."

    George Everitt, CEO, Epinomy

What's Happening at Convermax

Elite NYC Biz List Includes Convermax

// 10 months ago Convermax is honored to make The Farm SoHo list of 45 Successful Companies That Began in a Co-Working Space. Read More

Website News Item for IRCE 2016

// One year ago Convermax will be at the 2016 IRCE Conference, located in booth 740. At this premier event for eCommerce retailers, Convermax will again be available to answer questions and demonstrate our product capabilities. Read More

Magento Plug-In Available

// 2 years ago

Convermax eCommerce site search is now available for Magento platform users. Simple-to-use and affordable, Convermax site search is a sophisticated advanced search product.

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