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The Convermax 3dcart search option offers the most advanced site search available for 3dcart users—at a very affordable price! Put the power of the Convermax Search & Sell engine put to use for your shoppers and deliver awesome results that convert sales.
  • Increases sales conversions
  • Range of merchandising options
  • Search reporting & dashboard
  • Launch Safety Crew
  • Configurable ranking

Partnerships make good things, great things.

Combine 3dCart with Convermax advanced site search and improve customer satisfaction while increasing sales conversions. The extended capability with the advanced features gives you a leg up on the competition.

Rich auto-complete

When you begin typing, the list of possible categories displays, along with photos and descriptions of suggested products.

Automatic spelling correction

Automatic spelling corrections prevent “No results” page

Refinement Panel

Puts the customer in charge of the search to be as narrow or broad as they choose. Changes to criteria show dynamically in results.

Dashboard and Reporting

We help walk you through the process to get up and running with our module.

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How does Convermax help my eCommerce store?

Convermax is a highly advanced eCommerce site search specifically integrated to work with 3dcart stores. It implements true ecommerce search algorithms with a complete range of advanced site search features and benefits.

Put the power of advanced search in your shoppers’ hands and get additional capability to better manage and grow your online store. You can prioritize products, use powerful analytics to review results and make adjustments, merchandise for upsell or add-on sales to increase order size, and much more.

Implement Convermax now to get all the rich capabilities of our ecommerce Search & Sell engine built by some of the most expert and award winning ecommerce search engine technologists in the world.

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3dcart offers everything a business needs to start an eCommerce store on a robust, proven platform. It includes your site, store, blog, email, newsletters, CRM and Point of Sale.

Thanks to the responsive themes, your online store looks great on mobile phones and tablets automatically! Social integration is built in, and of course 3dcart is PCI compliant, making your life easier.

Included with your 3dcart store, you can call or email an expert any time. Customizing your 3dcart store is easy when you take advantage of our expert partners like Convermax. Our platform and the enhancements offered by our partners keep you competitive with tested and proven updates on a regular basis.

Why should I upgrade the search engine?

Shoppers increasingly turn to search. A recent Nielsen-Norman Group study showed 83% of online shoppers turn to site search. If an online store has poor search, shoppers abandon it.

5 key types of shoppers use search:
  • Product Focused, who want speed and relevance
  • Browsers will spend time shopping, but want to avoid things of no interest
  • Researchers require information, so providing great description pages, similar/related item pages, and rich auto-complete are helpful
  • Bargain Hunters love the deals and ensuring they’ve seen similar items and get the best bang for the buck
  • One-Time shoppers want clear site navigation, good product descriptions, company info, and guest checkout
Convermax gives you all these features and more to satisfy all types of buyer needs and convert more sales.