Superior Search Experience for 3dcart

An end-to-end advanced site search solution fully integrated with 3dcart:

  • Advanced filters (checkboxes, sliders, stars, color swatches, price)

  • Automatic query suggestions and misspelling correction

  • Full integration with all 3dcart features (price level groups, product options, reviews, sales data and more)

  • Category page filters

  • Product recommendations

  • Quick and hassle free setup

Trusted by 3dcart Customers since 2014

Convermax offers a great search product! I had been looking for a great search solution to use with my shopping cart, as our shop really needed a search engine that we could customize to the products and categories we have on our printer cartridges website. Alex Sherbachev and his team have been amazing to work with. They included all the possible search terms and phrases that a person might type in and they customized it so the customers always get what they are looking for. We have a very complicated inventory structure for our products, but Convermax was able to optimize our search results no matter what difficult situation I brought imagined to them. I have never worked with a third party that could do such work for me at such a great value. It is such a reasonable price, you would have to be crazy not to at least see what they can do for you.
You can take a look for yourself at the great work they have done on our site at
So glad I found their company for my site’s search needs – it is the best investment I have made for my company in years.
— Mark Comish @


  • Does the search work well on mobile devices?
    Yes. We have a version optimized for smaller screens. An infinite scroll option is also available.

  • How often does Convermax sync products?
    By default, an automatic sync runs every night, but it can be scheduled to run as often as needed. A sync can also be initiated at any moment via our admin dashboard.

  • Where can Convermax pull filter values from?

  1. Extra Fields 1-13 (our favorite choice)

  2. Product Options or Product Features

  3. Category hierarchy. Selected categories become filters and their subcategories are transformed into filter values

  4. Keywords

  5. Parse unstructured text into individual fields

  6. Any external data source

  • Do I need to contact Convermax support to add a new filter value every time?
    Nope. File values appear and disappear automatically based on actual product attributes.

  • What about on-sale products and price levels?
    Convermax respects sale prices and properly handles custom Price Levels and associated Customer Groups configured in 3dcart.

  • Is there a way to change the order that products appear in the search results?
    Yes. Convermax can use various methods to boost products: promote best sellers, promote top-ranked products, promote specific brands or collections, boost new releases or on-sale items, and much more.