Beautiful Search Experience for E-commerce


Natural Language Search

Let your customers type and search in their own words.  

Convermax's search engine understands that in a query like "cotton t-shirt under $50," 'cotton' is a material name, 't-shirt' is a category name, and 'under $50' is a price range selection. Similarly, in the query "52" lcd," '52"' is understood as the size selection for a TV and that such a query can also be typed as "52 inch lcd," yielding the same results. 



With Convermax, an autocomplete bar pops up in the search field and offers instant suggestions to customers based upon what they type in.

All of the proposed query suggestions, product suggestions, and category suggestions are based on your store's data and search logs. 

The autocomplete feature becomes more intuitive and relevant as it collects more search data, getting your customers to your products faster and easier.


Contextual Filters

Filters are an indispensable way to navigate through long lists of products and search results.

Individual filter sections can be displayed as checkboxes, ranges, slides, color swatches, or hierarchical trees. We can also develop a custom widget just for your store.

The filter panel can show or hide certain sections based on a selected category or any other condition. They can be reordered dynamically to match what makes the most sense for a specific product category.


Spell Checking

Convermax offers automatic misspelling correction that works out of the box, making sure customers don't miss your products because of typos.

This valuable feature fixes regular typos, incorrect word breaking, and sorts out irrelevant words. Store-specific terms are picked up from product attributes. Custom correction rules can handle complicated cases.

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Product Recommendations

Convermax provides your customers with "You may also like" recommendations.

We use Machine Learning backed by product trends, customer behavior logs, and buyer profiles to predict what a specific customer may be interested in. 

Reporting Panel

Convermax's reporting panel provides valuable insights into what customers are looking for and how they use the search function on your website.

Usage stats, popular search queries, bad performing search queries, filter option usage and session reports are all available in the admin dashboard. All data is generated in real time and can be exported as .csv files.


Attribute Extraction

Sometimes the data is already there, but it isn't available as separate fields. 

Convermax's engine can extract filter values from semi-structured data. For example, we can parse tables or bulletpoint feature lists into individual attributes. We can also split long product names into separate components and assign categories automatically. 

External data can be attached on the fly as well. 

Our Customers Say it Best

When users comment on the ease of use of our site, specifically regarding our search engine, we hear things like:

— Wow! Unbelievable! You have no idea how much easier you’ve made my job!

— Looking at competitors’ Ecommerce websites, their software search engines are like picks and shovels compared to our bulldozers and backhoes. The results show in our increased sales and conversions. We could not be more pleased with the success of the Convermax ecommerce site search engine.
— Bill Kelly, CIO at The Robert Allen Duralee Group

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