Auto Parts Search

Let your customers search by selecting Year, Make, and Model of a vehicle they drive. 

Integrated with all advanced search features this extension gives your customers a full range of tools to shop at your store:

  • By selecting a vehicle

  • By size (for tires and wheels)

  • By typing a model name, part number, brand or just a keyword into the search bar

  • By browsing a category or brand

Year, Make, and Model fitment search

A familiar way to shop for auto parts. Depending on store can be customized to include a sub-model or engine selection.

The list of years, makes and models is constructed automatically based on actual products you carry. 

"My Garage" button

My Garage allows customers to switch easily between vehicles they've used for search. Vehicle list is saved across sessions. Depending on a platform it can be also integrated into customer's profile as well.

Wheels and tires search

Two extra widgets are available for wheels and tires products:

  • Tires search by Width, Aspect and Diameter

  • Wheels search by Diameter, Width, Bolt Pattern and Offset

Part number search 

Convermax handles part number searches with an extra care. Customer can search by a primary part number or by a compatible one. These types of queries are not corrected by spell checker automatically or otherwise somebody might end up ordering a wrong part.

All platforms supported

This extension is available on all Ecommerce platforms supported by Convermax. 


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